Statement Management

Maximize your collections and reach new heights in statement management.

Stay on Track, Stay Organized

Patient statements can be a significant burden on your team’s time and resources.

With eMEDIX Statement Manager, you can meet your patients where they are. Not only will you make paper process more efficient and expand the range of your digital options, but you will reduce manual labor costs and increase your collections rate.

Dig Deeper on Claims and ERAs while:

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Save Time and Prevent Denials

Collecting and submitting paper claim attachments takes time, especially if a payer requires more than one exchange to obtain the info they need. With eMEDIX Statement Manager, you can electronically attach relevant documents to a claim at the time of submission.

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With eMEDIX Statement Management solutions, you can view statements as soon as they become available.
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On the road? Not a problem. Easily access your statements whenever and wherever you need to: whether you're in the office, at a conference, or at home. As long as you have an internet connection, you can handle your patient’s statements.
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Stay HIPAA compliant and protect your PHI by preventing your patient statements from being stolen or delivered to the wrong address.


Your time and resources are valuable. By switching to online statement management, you'll give yourself less paperwork to sort through. With our customizable dashboards, you can quickly sort through statements and prioritize with ease.