Eligibility Verification

Real-time eligibility verifications allow you to discover proactively — and verify — patient coverage. This is key to successfully managing your revenue cycle.

With Real-Time Inquiries for Eligibility in eMEDIX ONLINE, You Can:

With the rise of high-deductible health plans (HDHP), patient out-of-pocket (OOP) costs, and the constant changes to patient insurance mean that more than ever, medical organization need timely benefit information. Real-time verification at the point of care is a critical business requirement that helps you stay in business.

Boost Your Efficiency & Performance

With Real-Time Inquiries for Eligibility in eMEDIX ONLINE, You Can:

Calculate How Much Time You Can Save with Electronic Eligibility

24% of claims are denied because of eligibility issues. Automating your verification process reduces errors and prevents costly denials saving your practice time and money.

The average manual eligibility check takes 12.64 minutes, according to the AMA. This creates an impossible task for your employees to accurately and thoroughly complete the eligibility checks for every one of your patients. Electronic verification cuts this time significantly.

Patients own more financial responsibility for their healthcare today than ever before. Understanding what they will owe upfront will lead to a better overall experience.

When eligibility is done right, you will see a reduction in denials, better patient collections, and fewer manual touches. The result: more cash flow.