Denial Prevention & Recovery

Put a stop to costly denials with eMEDIX Revenue Resolve.

Don't Let Denied Claims Derail Your Revenue

Nothing throws a wrench in your revenue cycle quite like a growing list of denials. For your office, denials mean less money in the door, more work for your staff, and less consistency in your monthly accounts receivable. Due to their complexity, many denied claims are never appropriately worked, resolved, or resubmitted. This can mean significant revenue loss for your practice. Can you afford that kind of impact on your bottom line?

1 in 5 Claims are Denied or Delayed

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Denied Claims Cost an Average of $25 Per Claim to Rework.
Can You Afford That?

New Easier Option for Managing Your Denials

Revenue Resolve is an intuitive denial management solution from eMEDIX that offers a unique approach to prioritizing and working your denied claims. It takes away the complex task of determining which denials to prioritize by automatically reviewing the Claim Adjustment Reason Code (CARC) and Remittance Advice Remark Codes (RARC) combinations assigned to each claim.

Revenue Resolve simplifies your process and saves you valuable time.


How Revenue Resolve Works

Work smart! Let our effective web-based solution help you tackle denials with ease! Maximize reimbursements, and achieve higher productivity gains.

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Every claim in every remit is reviewed upon receipt. Denied claims are automatically imported into Revenue Resolve.
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eMedix prioritizes claims automatically based upon the revenue cycle and the source or reason for denial.


Claims are assigned to staff according to your workflow.


Reports show your top problem payers and denial statuses. This helps you improve your processes to reduce future denials and get paid faster.
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Maximize reimbursements, and achieve higher productivity gains.


Revenue Resolve

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