Clients & Partners

Whatever your organization type, eMEDIX will work with you and your company. Our suite of solutions scales and translates across all organizations, practices, and specialties.

Health Systems

Protect, accelerate, and find new revenue with our intelligent and simple-to-use technology.

You can choose from our suite of solutions to improve the patient’s financial experience, ensure charge accuracy and compliance, and collect more from payers.

You’ve made a considerable investment in your health system or hospital. Get the most out of it with eMEDIX.

Physicians & Specialty Practices

Empower your practice to do more.

Our innovative, easy-to-use technology strengthens your practice, helping you focus on patients. Quickly check eligibility, automate claim monitoring, prevent and manage denials, and get paid.

Give your team the tools needed to be more productive and help with patient service. eMEDIX ONLINE enhances your practice management system, helping to trim down days in AR and maximize revenue and speed of payment. Our intelligent algorithms and reporting features help your team continually optimize the revenue cycle.

Billing Services

One Platform: Designed for Billers. Trusted by Practices.

Easily manage medical costs while collaborating with providers and payers to address your strategic and operational priorities. eMEDIX ONLINE is built with the biller’s daily workflow in mind. We know that your day is filled with more than just submitting claims to insurance companies.

You have to handle revenue cycle management activities, coding, insurance verifications, payment processing, claim submissions and review, communications with practices, reporting and analytics, and so much more.

At eMEDIX, we know your time is precious.  Our consolidated platform makes it easy to manage all your customers from one console, automates workflows, and gives you a big picture view with customizable analytics, reporting dashboards, and granular dashboards. All at a cost that can’t be beaten.