Claims Management

Prevent rejections and denials before they impede your progress. Automate claim monitoring, streamline attachments, and more.

Leave Claim Denials in Your Rearview Mirror

Claims management is one of the most demanding parts of the revenue cycle. With our eMEDIX claims management tools, your organization can prevent rejections and denials before they happen.

Mapping Your Solutions

As the business of healthcare becomes more complicated, organizations need solutions that make the payment process faster. It should be easier to manage critical workflows, prevent denials, and receive payments while placing fewer burdens on existing staff.

“Sometimes in business you luck out! The team at eMEDIX have been very responsive and genuinely helpful as we have stepped through the implementation, testing, and validating at production. We would like to thank the team. We certainly feel comfortable working with them.”

— Peter Bunting, Visual Outcomes


Reduce annual clearinghouse costs by 50%

Clean Claims Rate

*compared to 90% for industry best practices


It takes an average of 8.5 more minutes when manually keying claims.