eMEDIX Software Integration

Connectivity is a crucial component in healthcare today!
Secure data exchange is among some of the requirements for Meaningful Use Certification. EMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions has a dedicated interface team working on establishing secure data exchanges between Practice Management Software, EMR-solutions and all government registries.

Collaborating with EMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions on integration can leverage a vast library of existing connections so you only have to connect to.  Uptime of integration is essential for successful businesses and our dedicated specialists:

  • Work with virtually all practice management systems.
  • Submit all claim types with one account number.
  • State of the art Interface Engine
  • Connection options include https, ftp, sftp, web service
  • Translation services available to up/down convert to ANSI 5010 transactions, all converted claims pass through the appropriate version edits to ensure full HIPAA compliance.
  • Automate manual processes (Eliminate potential errors with manual typing).
  • Manage all EDI Transactions within your existing software program. 
  • Eliminate opening multiple applications.
  • New payer connections available upon request.
  • Knowledgeable, professional and approachable implementation, enrollment, support and sales team to ensure maximum uptime and swift problem resolution.  (NO finger pointing)
  • We can connect to virtually all practice management software programs.

This solution is suited for practice management organizations, billing companies, and provider offices with existing ANSI formatted software, to simplify EDI connectivity and allows them to focus on their core business.

Private label all of our EDI applications, ask us how!