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EMEDIX® Reimbursement Solutions Launches Channel Partner Program to Provide New Revenue Streams for Vendors in the Health Information Technology Market

Columbia, SC. February 2015 (PRNewswire): EMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions, a leading provider of healthcare billing and claims management software solutions has announced the launch of a dynamic Channel Partner Program.  By opting for one or more partnership options, current and prospective vendors of healthcare practice management solutions will have an opportunity to meet the evolving demands of their customer base.  For over 25 years, EMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions has helped healthcare organizations improve cash flow through increased reimbursement, cost savings from improved operational workflow and the effective management of claims.

Through the newly launched Channel Partner Program, EMEDIX Reimbursement solutions is making it possible for reputable vendors in the healthcare IT market to expand their margin by adding next-generation revenue cycle management solutions to their existing product offerings. Today’s rapidly evolving healthcare market makes it imperative for healthcare organizations to move away from conventionally disparate systems and strive for an integrated platform which streamlines medical billing as well as claims management. Through the EMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions Channel Partner Program, qualified vendors can offer these organizations the requisite level of business intelligence and reporting to achieve interoperability.

“By creating a strong network of partners who have the ability to offer superior healthcare software solutions founded on cutting-edge technology, EMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions is supporting healthcare organizations in their pursuit of optimum financial performance. Our Channel Partner Program is structured to offer tangible benefits to both the vendor and his/her client. By taking advantage of a higher compensation value, enhancements to the end-user experience and higher competency levels in the sales and implementation process, our channel partners will have effective strategies to gain a competitive advantage in both existing and emerging markets.” says Kent Broström, Chief Operating Officer.

About EMEDIX® Reimbursement Solutions
EMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions is a leading provider of cutting-edge healthcare billing and claims management solutions that enable physician practices, hospitals, community-based organizations and billing services to enhance their capacity to increase revenue using innovative technology. With over 25 years of experience, EMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions strives to continuously provide world class HIPAA compliant electronic transaction services and enhance connectivity with outstanding products, customer service and expert support.

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Chief Operating Officer